foot-achilles-tendon-injectionkMedical Procedures

If you or a loved one suffers from chronic pain, you may want to consider Integrated Pain Managemnet which is playing a larger role in the area of pain Management. The blend of alternative medicine and traditional medicine is defined as integrative medicine or integrative care. It combines the concepts of mind, body, spirit, and community and supports the theory of healing. Integrative medicine involves every aspect of Medical treatments. Medications if needed, Therapies as order by your therapist, and other treatments. ALL patients are treated uniquely.

We creatively utilize physical means as well as other medical therapeutics to help in the healing and rehabilitation of our patients.  We treat the individual rather than the patient. Here are just a FEW of the many many services we offer:

* Interventional Pain Procedures

med-procedures2k* Injective Therapies

* Platelet-Rich Plasma

* Botox injections

* Prolotherapy

* Medical Acupuncture

* Viscosupplementation for Arthritic Knees

* Medication Management

*Nerve Blocks

* Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

* Stem Cell Injective Therapy