Pediatrics and Adolescents

A pediatric and adolescent physical medicine and rehabilitation physician is an expert at diagnosising and treating pain and injury. The physician treats the whole person, not just the problem area, provides non surgical treatments and works not only on treatment but also on prevention.

Common conditions treated are sports injuries involving joints,tendon, ligments and muscles of the neck, trunk and limbs. Other conditions include: Headaches(Migraine and Muscular), Back Pain (Upper/Mid/Lower), Myofascial Pain Syndrome, Nerve Pain and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS/RSD).

The goal of Breakthrough Pain Relief Clinics is to resolve acute and chronic pain and injuries in children and adolescents. This is accomplished through diagnosis of each patient’s specific problem(s) as well as assessing his/her biomechanics in order to define a treatment plan which will be executed by multidisciplinary treatment team to resolve both current issues as well as to prevent chronic and recurrent problems.

Medical therapies may include but are not limited to Prolotherapy, PRP, Acupuncture, Trigger Point Injections with anesthetic, Frequency Specific Microcurrent and management of adjunctive non-opiate medications.
The PM&R physician guided Multidisciplinary team is made up of Physical Therapists and Chiropractor. The team based care provided includes PM&R physician and Doctorate Physical Therapist supervised physical therapy including Neuromuscular Biomechanical and Position sense re-education, therapeutic exercise, Kineso taping and electric modalities to assist with muscle re-education.The Chiropractic physician performs safe low velocity, instrument and active release (muscle) techique based adjusting designed to dovetail with PM&R and PT treatment plans.

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