Sports Rehabilitation/Therapy

sports_medicineAthletes, sports enthusiasts and physically active people can be especially susceptible to orthopedic injuries and conditions. At Breakthrough Pain Relief Clinic we are recognized  for sports medicine and therapy!

In addition to treating injuries, we offer ways to help you prevent injuries from recurring and improve your performance. From shoulder, elbow, hand and wrist injuries to hip, knee, foot and ankle injuries, our sports medicine providers will provide you with a seamless continuum of care from evaluation and treatment to rehabilitation and return to play.

Physiatry, also known as rehabilitation medicine, is a specialty focusing on enhancing and restoring functional ability to patients with physical injuries to muscles, bones, tissues and the nervous system, and to those with chronic pain.

Breakthrough Pain Relief Clinic offers treatment for all types of sports related injuries and other physical ailments of the musculoskeletal system. This includes back, shoulder, elbow knee, hip, neck pain and much more. Our rehabilitation services include utilization of specialized nerve testing, including EMG and conduction studies. Additionally, our physiatrists coordinate care with physical therapists in our office to ensure the highest quality of care!

Sports Medicine Injuries:
sports-injurykkkRotator Cuff Syndrome
ACL/MCL Tears of the Knee
Shoulder Dislocations and Instability
Meniscal Tears
Plantar Fasciitis
UCL Tears of the Elbow
Ankle Sprains and Stress Fractures
Hamstring Pulls or Tears
Hip Disorders
Achilles Tendon Injuries
Muscle Strains and Sprains
Golf & Tennis Related Injuries
Concussion Management

Breakthrough Pain Relief Clinic works closely with athletes of all sports and all ages. If your team, organization or group is interested in having a licensed provider from Breakthrough Pain Relief Clinic join them for any lessons or tips and techniques in preventing injuries and/or treating or recognizing them Call today 877-417-1277